The Burnable art project

The Burnable art project.

The concept
The burnable art project seeks to free creativity in an individual by encouragement of expression within a fun environment. We seek to uninhibit the participant , removing the longevity of their creation by giving it a life span- the festival duration. By using this method the focus of the experience is on the action of creation and the enjoyment of this creation, rather than the work itself. At the end of the festival we hold a ‘burning’ where we set light to all works made during the workshop.

Past Burnable arts projects
I first held this project in Gaut, on the West coast of Ireland at the life festival in 1998. It was a grate susses. Participant feedback was positive and the organisers invited us back in the future.
1999 Winterwell festival in Glostershire was also a hugely enjoyable event; participant’s ages were more varied including families early on in the day. On this occasion we kept the tent open later due to less strict festival guidelines and were happy to see a large number of group art works done in the early hours of the morning that were both imaginative and involved. The festival team were enthusiastic at the project success and have invited us back.