Community led arts projects.

Public arts manifesto;

My practice is focused on the public arts’ arena; I am passionate that people should have ‘Good Art’ within public spaces. I believe that public art has a unique and powerful potential to positively affect a location. This potential can be realised by a delicate balance in which the artist must consider the many influences and attributes of each situation. Work should illustrate an awareness of the essence of a space and articulate the intention of the brief.

During my research in to this area I have come to recognise the importance of engagement with the community, which has been informed and reinforced through working as the lead artist in a number of community projects. This approach has proven to have a significant impact on the quality of the work by enhancing its relevance to the situation, community and location. The longevity of that work is also affected by how well it is received by the locality. By taking a holistic approach to public art it can allow the work to become a part of the community’s experience of their environment and assist in heightening that experience.