Spiral Bridge at the University of Hertfordshire.

Installed in September 2010 at the entrance of the college lane campus, opposite the new forum building. Spiral Bridge was a response to commission launched by the University of Hertfordshire and Birch Engineering as part of the Birch engineering award 2009.

Inspired by land artists Robert Smithson, Spiral Bridge seeks to create a visual Bridge between the new Forum building and the woodland environment that surrounds it. The shape of this work references mapped weather systems of storm activity. When a high and low pressure meets, the low pressure moves down while the high pressure moves up, thus creating a storm. This spiralling motion creates a visual metaphor within the work, which relates to the new introduction of the modern architecture on the ecosystem that surrounds it.

The material used is Core-Ten Steel. This works dimensions are 13 meters long x 1.76 at its highest point, which is the same height as the artist. Weighing five tonnes, this work is dug in to the landscape and supported by a hidden structure that is under ground.

Spiral Bridge is owned by UH Galleries and is a part of their long-term collection.

Spiral bridge Spiral bridge

Public sculpture
The University of Hertfordshire


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